Sports Cars

Follow my installing cars tutorial and the readme.txt, if the mod has one.

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII by Sin5k4 (June 2003 18th)

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII

The Mistubishi Lancer has accumulated a great following - and rightly so! This, the seventh incarnation, takes on the giants of 4-wheel drive Japanese sports cars with a nimble chassis and advanced electronic aids.

TVR Griffith by SadisticMachine (30th May 2003)

TVR Griffith

Renowned for its short length and sharp handling, the Griffith certainly lives up to its name! Untamed and hell-bent, this mythical driving experience truely is the stuff of legends.

Ferrari 355 F1 by ETC (7th March 2003)

Ferrari 355 F1

Often referred to as the entry-level Ferrari, this car is anything but standard. A brilliantly weighted chassis and a low centre of gravity - placed near the rear wheels - lead to an outstanding amount of control with exhilaratingly high cornering speeds!

Mitsubishi Galant by Jonny52002 (18th March 2003)

Mitsubishi Galant

Street tuned models are not normally to my liking, but this instance caught my eye...with that enourmous rear wing!Heavy modifications all round, from the stripped-out interior to the large intercooler and turbine kit, a car to be rekoned with.

Caterham 7 by Eddy Brown (12th March 2003)

Caterham 7

The architypal kit car, here in its most modern guise. The Lotus 7 is credited with starting the ultra-lightweight sports car braket, but in fact their roots date back as to the 1930s, where 3-wheeler Morgans used to dominate the twisty circuits of the day.

Honda S2000 by FormulaRedLine (7th March 2003)

Honda S2000

A short overall length and generally slight sports car, the Honda S2000 is widely regarded as one of the most rewarding cars to drift in the world. Designed as the first roadster of the 21st century, it certainly sets an excellent standard for all others to aspire too!

Audi TT by Majestik (6th January 2003)

Audi TT

This mid-range sports coupe incorporates the latest 4 wheel drive traction control with a suprisingly light chassis to provide a drive that is involving whilst remaining safe.

Skyline R34 by Ashdexx (4th January 2003)

Skyline R34

This is a truely iconic road car. The Skyline R34 GTR has an intelligent 4 wheel drive system allowing adrenaline-pumping powersides on the fine line between ecstasy and catastrophe.