Off Road Vehicles

Follow my installing cars tutorial and the readme.txt, if the mod has one.

Cheetah Sprint by DieselGT (10th June 2003)

Cheetah Sprint

The fact that this vehicle was developed for unlimited hill-climb events shows in every statistic you could gather.From being wider than a semi rig to having more power than several normal saloons, even the bravest driver may think twice before entering...

Sarin XTV by Illspirit (20th March 2003)

Sarin Xtelevision

Another excellent development from the long-established Sarin Concept design house.Outlandish and futuristic, this dune buggy come lunar rover is a surefire hit for all sorts of fun with its 4WD baloon tyres and surprising power!

Defender Monster Truck by Eddy Brown (13th May 2003)

Defender Monster Truck

The classicly functional form of the Defender is applied to this outlandish monstertruck. With a totally rebuilt chassis, suspension and transmission, this is vehicle is a menace!

Ford Monster Truck by Infi (6th January 2003)

Ford Monster Truck

An American tradition - to own a bigger automobile. Well, they do not get much bigger than this!Based on a standard ford pickup, the similarity ends at the steering wheel, the only part of the original ford not to be modified! Capable of driving over cars and walls, this extreme machine also believes it can fly - in spite of its massive weight!

Land Rover Defender by Eddy Brown (6th January 2003)

Land Rover Defender

Eddy plans to make lots of versions of this and replace different cars with them. A 5-door version will replace the Patriot, this one will replace the Bobcat.