Common Cars

Follow my installing cars tutorial and the readme.txt, if the mod has one.

Skoda Octavia by Sin5k4 (12th June 2003)

Skoda Octavia

Solid and square, the octavia is a good example of a Eurpean family car. The FR layout is surprising as Volkswagon own Skoda and only make FF layout cars these days under their own name.

Toyota Celica 2002 (conversion) by Blaer (29th May 2003)

Toyota Celica 2002

One of the earlier examples of the now common new edge futuristic design style, the new shape celica is more than just a profile designed with a ruler. The suspension and chassis have been totally overhauled, although to call it a sports car would be something of a stretch. A very stable car, it makes an excellent introduction to my style of handling.

Mercedes 320 Estate by Rec3D (2nd March 2003)

Mercedes 320 Estate

The only estate (wagon) that I have set up. With a range-topping engine, sports suspension and tyres this has performance which will surprise those who get behind the wheel. Accurate steering means that any sliding caused by aggressive shifting of the considerable weight can be controled - even enjoyed!

Honda CRX by Cackee (7th January 2003)

Honda CRX

The CRX is an icon in the world of hot hatches. This particular model has been made with obssesive attention to detail and makes exellent use of under 3000 polys! The texturing and setting of the normals is immaculate, making this car tiny but shiney!

Mitsubishi FTO by Chrominance (6th January 2003)

Mitsubishi FTO

This strikingly styled sports saloon really does stand out from many Japanese cars. It has passionate lines and entertainingly lithely perfromance for a car of its front engine front wheel drive layout. This excellent blending of elegant form and stable function show how Mistubishi can use the FF system to far greater effect than so many other manufacturers.

New Mini (conversion) by MasterModder (6th January 2003)

New Mini

Continuing the tradition of a small, light chassis and nimble performance have made this re-incarnation a modern classic - just like its ancestor, the Rover Mini.

Peugeot 205 by Eddy55 (6th January 2003)

Peugeot 205

This neat little hatchback holds the cheap thrills that most 17 year olds are introduced to. All you would expect from a car in this class; light weight, narrow tyres and small engine make it feel like a go-kart.But with a proper seat...