Classic Cars

Follow my installing cars tutorial and the readme.txt, if the mod has one.

Volkswagon Beetle (modification) by Eddy Brown (18th June 2003)

Volkswagon Beetle

This is a heavily modified classic! A completely overhauled suspension system, new engine and transmission and some choice new rubber boot this noisey old classic squarely into the 21st century.

Jaguar E-Type Convertible by Superfly Driver (20th May 2003)

Jaguar E-Type Convertible

This car is to British motoring what the Lambourgini Miura is to Italian - the pinnacle of the classic era of sports cars. Famous for its outstanding unequal length double-wishbone suspension allround, this race-bred independant suspension system gives the car the poise and finnese of the classic drifting racecars.

Lambourgini Miura by Eddy Brown (1st May 2003)

Lambourgini Miura

4 litres of Italian V12 mounted transversely in a thoroughbred MR chassis, perhaps the most elegant curves in motoring and the performance to match. A revolution in supercar design mechanically, aesthetically, totally.

Ford Thunderbird by Superfly Driver (8th April 2003)

Ford Thunderbird

V8s are rarely housed behind quite so stylish a nose as with the Ford thunderbird. Built in the mid 1960s it demonstrates that truely brilliant ideas can, in fact, be produced by large committies!

Ferrari 308 by Azz (2nd March 2003)

Ferrari 308

A deceptive saloon shape lures the uneducated observer into believing this fine automobile has an FR layout...however, once behind the wheel such an illusion is dismissed as the light, fast handling of a classic MR chassis becomes apparent.

Ford Torino by YoYo (29th January 2003)

Ford Torino

The classic V8 FR chassis is a recipe for wheelspin and huge powerslides. Handling response is not as slow with this muscle car as it is with others due to a low-slung body position.

Dodge Challenger R/T (conversion) by Starsfallin (6th January 2003)

Dodge Challenger R/T

A beautifully converted classic muscle car. A white version of this car was used in the cult film "Vanishing Point" and remains a staunchon on the muscle car genre.

Shelby 350R (Conversion) by Starsfallin (6th January 2003)

Shelby 350R

Developed by the famous Shelby tuning firm, this definitive muscle car encompasses the true spirit of the era.Rugged styling and mechanics matches the performance, with plenty more grunt than grip.

Shelby Cobra 427 by Yazu & Toope (6th January 2003)

Shelby Cobra 427

This instantly recognisable classic has been modeled brilliantly by Yazu. Toope makes the handling which they distribute with it but I do not like it. Therefore I’ve made this version, in my style.

Mercury Marquis by Busted (7th January 2003)

Mercury Marquis

The premise of pimps and casino owners alike, the Mercury Marquis embodies the essence of street-level decadence. Lush interior trim with exessive dimensions show its style and charisma.