Curveshire for GTA 3 & Vice City

Four miles of public roads running through English countryside for use as a street racing circuit in GTA 3. The GTA Vice City version was cancelled before release.


Curveshire Beta for GTA 3
1MB winRAR archive.



Installing this modification will take a long time and must be done very carefully. It is difficult to read instructions in a text file, so these instructions are also available online as this web page you are reading.

You will need a program which can edit IMG archives. I recommend IMG v1.1 by Respawn. I keep a list of editors for GTA 3 is available at: GTA 3 Setup: Tools & Editors

NOTE: These instructions assume you are using the recommended programs.

It is recommended that you make a separate install of GTA 3 for Curveshire. Instructions on how to do this are available at: GTA 3 & GTA Vice City Setup: Multiple Installs

NOTE: These instructions assume that GTA3_Curveshire\ is the folder name of the new install.

You should Extract the contents of the curveshire(0-01).rar file to a new folder somewhere on your hard drive. This folder will be referred to as the downloaded\ folder from now on.


Now that you have a new, unedited install in the folder GTA3_Curveshire\ you can install the landscape

  1. Use IMG v1.1 to open this file: GTA3_Curveshire\models\gta3.img
  2. Once the file is open, use the Commands > Add menu and add all the files from this folder: downloaded\AddIMG\
  3. You have now added all the DFF and TXD files. Use the Commands > Rebuild menu in the gta3.img and then close it.
  4. Now you must add the data files:-
    1. Open the folder: GTA3_Curveshire\
    2. Copy the downloaded folder: downloaded\data\
    3. Paste the copied folder into here: GTA3_Curveshire\
    4. You will get a message asking to replace any files which have the same name as the new ones.
    5. Select Yes or Yes to All so that the data files and folders are added.
  5. Copy the downloaded file: downloaded\text\american.gxt
  6. Paste it in this folder: GTA3_Curveshire\text\

You have now installed all the parts of Curveshire v0.01!


Here are some things you may need to know when playing Curveshire:

  1. Once you installed Curveshire, run the GTA3_Curveshire\gtaIII.exe program because this is the Curveshire install of the GTA 3 game.
  2. When the main menu loads up, check all your settings in the Options menu.
  3. Then select Start Game and then Start New Game because you cannot use saved games with Curveshire.
  4. You begin in the North-west of Curveshire. There is a parked vehicle which changes into the next model every couple of seconds. If you steal this vehicle, it will stay as that model and a new parked vehicle will be created. You can keep stealing the parked vehicle whenever it turns into a model that you want.
  5. There is also a grid of floating icons which can be used to spawn a car on the road nearby. They work like the ones you get from the Import/Export garages. If you get an icon, a vehicle of that model will be created on the road. If you get another icon, the vehicle will change into that model. If you steal the created vehicle, you can create more vehicles.
  6. The motorway has the pit lane and runs along the North edge of Curveshire. There are traffic cones which mark out the route. You can race in either direction but anti-clockwise (counterclockwise) is normal.

Bugs and Feedback

There are many bugs, glitches, incomplete land and modelling errors in this release. It is just to give you a feel of what Curveshire is like so far. It will not crash if you install it as described above.

If you would like to comment on Curveshire, you can do so in the Gouranga forums topic or in the GTAForums topic.


Curveshire has been worked on by by several people at one time or another