Macau, Monaco & Suzuka Race (3rd April 2015)

Satellite image of Macau Circuit. Route is marked with dots.

My favourite 4 circuits in one track. Macau and Monaco feature close barriers and technical sequences of corners. The wide track of Suzuka swoops between them. Indianapolis forms a high-speed square around the outside.

This map is completely flat and without scenery. You can race 6 recent F1 cars for any number of laps, on any of the track, switching between them as often as you like.

Download Macau & Monaco Race (2.5MB)
Updated on 3rd April 2015. Includes preview image and custom handling.

Do not mirror my files. Just link to this web page. I’m BenMillard in GTA 2 Game Hunter or send feedback to Macau, Monaco & Suzuka Race on GTAMP Forum.

Testers & Contributors

Uses many graphics and sounds from Golden Lap 5 (7MB) by Heri and Razor.



December 2009

Tried out Golden Lap and wrote a 20-item bullet list of improvements in their topic. Barriers have to be close to prevent cheating but that only feels right on a street circuit. Macau GP is the best street circuit I know of.

Created a version of their f1.sty which is compatible with the map editor. Started drawing the outline. Added kerbs and did the odd-angled straights as best I could.

Used my minimum multiplayer script to get it playable for testing.

January 2010

Created a super speedway route outside the main track, some of it above the ocean on high cable-stayed bridges.

Gave more feedback to the Golden Lap topic. Requested some extra kerb variants and making more of the normal tiles join the 45° versions.

November 2011

Track lowered to give maximim viewing distance. Compared against rotated satellite imagery of real location. Added barriers, start lights and made cars respawn.

May 2012

Now comes with the .sty file, with permission from Heri and Razor.

Built rough version of the Monaco Grand Prix track, as that takes places this weekend. Refined and play-tested a lot. Separated the Macau topic from Razor’s original Golden Lap topic.

Started planning Suzuka Race and soon realised I could weave it between Monaco and Macau. 4 legendary tracks in one map! Coded respawning barriers using Elypter’s technique. Coded pit lane speed limiter.