20th Scalextric Club (18th December 2012)

Tonight, the London Scalextric Club resembles Days of Thunder as the NASCAR series rolls into town.

My favourite class of all as everyone races the club’s set of 6 cars. Each car has a dedicated lane. It’s a level playing field so a true test of driver ability.

“Boogity-boogity-boogity! Let’s go racing, folks!”

White Lane

Drove very deliberately clean for this race. Having the easiest lane at the start of the evening often means a good result as the other drivers push beyond their limits.

Fastest Lap 10.64s
Laps: 16.30
Position: 2nd
Crashes 0

Blue Lane

Fell smack, bang, wallop into the trap I did so well to avoid in the 1st race! So many crashes from trying too hard. Poor discipline on my part.

Fastest Lap 10.24s
Laps: 16.05
Position: Last?
Crashes 5

Other Races

We sometimes move fast between races. It doesn’t leave much time to scamper over to the monitor and tap out my race details into my phone.


We had the mid-way break and the committee worked out the running order and lane choices for the club’s mini tournament format, which they call ‘Finals’.

It’s a knockout competition where only 1st and 2nd go through to the next round.

I didn’t record my performance data as the format moves between races very quickly.

Please that I reached the 2nd final but missed out on the grand final. Steve, the club chairman, took a deserved win and the trophy which goes with it.