Timing my Bicycle Commute (14th December 2012)

Specialized Secteur feels supremely comfortable compared to the beaten up my 1970’s non-branded steel racer. But is it actually faster?

No tools are needed to fit the Cateye Strada wireless cycle computer onto a bicycle. So I can transfer it between them within an hour.

Why so long? Because you need a tiny flat-headed screwdriver to release the zip-ties. (One out of a cracker would do but I used a cheap electronics one.)

Here are the results so far.

Blue Racer, Flat to smp

Monday 17th December 2012 morning.

Blue Racer, smp to Flat

Monday 17th December 2012 evening.

Secteur, Flat to smp

Tuesday 18th December 2012 morning.

Secteur, Flat to Brixton (9 miles) and later Brixton to Flat (9.5 miles)

Saturday 2nd February 2013 evening.

Cycling Superhighway 7 (CS7) along A3 has lots of drains, service covers and potholes!

After crossing Thames heading North I found a diabolically bumpy road. Even with the comfortable ride of my Secteur.

Secteur, smp to Flat

Monday 4th February 2013