Racing Fiona Around Finsbury Park (30th December 2012)

Fiona was on Ladybird while I rode Secteur.

Sprinted to catch Fiona just 50m before completing my 3rd lap and she completed her 2nd lap.

Waved from long downhill as she started the long uphill. That was probably the sector with the biggest speed difference between us on the access road which loops around Finsbury Park.

3 for me, 2 for Fiona
5.15 miles
25 minutes 34 seconds
Average speed:
Top speed
Windy and cold!

After the race I raised Secteur’s saddle by 0.5cm. Oiled the chain idler wheels but still something squeaking at the rear.

(Looking back, the squeak was probably from my hiking shoes rubbing the cranks. The brake centering gradually drifts to one side so it might have been a slightly rubbing brake.)

Cleaned and oiled Ladybird chain and rear sprocket. Oiled wheel bearings and bottom bracket.

Hub sounds clunky and freewheel still drags quite a bit.

Pumped up tyres on Ladybird. They were down to 40psi. Should be 55psi so that would have slowed Fiona a little.