2nd London Scalextric Club (19th June 2012)

The race calendar was set for sports cars (LMPs) and this week I got to race them properly! We used the middle 4 lanes and raced 4 minutes at a time. After my introduction last week I was looking forward to this.

Cycled in and arrived while the track being set up. My bicycle is parked in the background to some of the photos, taken with my Lumia 800.

My best result was 24 laps (2 laps behind the leader) with no crashes and fastest lap of 9.8 seconds on my last lap. Fastest lap I did that evening was 9.48 seconds in my next race. Fastest lap of the evening was under 8 seconds, I think.

But more importantly was how the other members gave advice and words of encouragement. To me and to each other, in fact. It was a sporting atmosphere amongst friends.