1st London Scalextric Club (12th June 2012)

Slotforum’s interactive map of slot car clubs (or use the big map of clubs) is how I found The London Scalextric Club. Their website is well-focussed and written in a gentle, informal style.

It was within cycling distance. Then I saw the calendar of races had a touring car event for this evening and that they run without magnets, it was the perfect fit for me.

Kilburn Slot Car Club is about the same distance away, so I might try that one as well.

Event Summary

Welcoming people, plenty of marshalls, a spacious venue and a totally sorted track made this a delightful re-introduction to slot car racing.

The chairman is easy-going and super helpful. He lent me a car and controller during the coffee break. I must’ve got about 15 minutes of running, split into 2.5-minute segments. My fastest lap was eventually 10.83 seconds and felt properly hooked up. Fastest lap that evening was around 9.3 seconds.

The technique is surprisingly like the Gran Turismo games, especially with the track’s braking system. Also regained my throttle feel from 10 years ago at Calthorpe Park School, where we raced Ninco DTM cars.

The grip from the tyres really surprised me. It felt like the magnet Ninco cars from 10 years ago. They do slide. It happens fast but there’s a zone where you can get a slight drift, maintained with half throttle through the turns and gently increasing at the very end of the corner.

Will definitely be attending next week!