Rode Around Finsbury Park (10th September 2011)

Got two new winter tyres, a new inner tube, a stand and raised the seat of my £50 road bike. The work cost a slightly silly £60, mostly because of the tyres and fitting it all.

Will bring my tools and foot pump with pressure guage from Fleet next time I visit the family. Should be pretty routine maintenance, like I do for my mountain bike, so won’t cost anything.

Anyway, we rode to Finsbury Park and found a road runs around inside it. Only a small part of it is open to traffic so most is wide and clear. Strong headwind along the open straight along the far end but hunkering down on these dropped handlebars makes a huge difference!

Was planning to do 5 laps but was exhausted after just 2 of them. Feels a bit like a racetrack, with rises and falls and some very bumpy parts. Think I’ll be zooming (or more likely just pottering) around it quite a bit, to make the most of my new purchase.

Oh, we also played football and frisbee together. It rained and was really windy at times but it was actually quite welcome to ease the mugginess. Silly moments are the spice of life.