Road Bicycles (17th August 2011)

We took a slightly different route back from my flight simulator session. While on the Tube we got chatting to a cyclist about street bicycles.

He recommended Bike Exchange to get a good 2nd-hand deal. Seem to be a lot of websites called that but none quite match. He did say it might not be online yet.

A few easy searches at my PC and I found an old one called a Marlboro Mirage. It’s under £50 on the Preloved website so this could be quite easy!

Bought a Road Bicycle! (4th September 2011)

Yesterday I asked to view the bicycle listed above. Today, Fiona and I went to view it and I have now bought it!

The tyres need replacing and the gears are difficult to reach. But for £50 it’s a bargain.

Rode it back from Tottenham Hale railway station to the flat, near Finsbury Park Tube. Stopped at the top of a hill because it was such hard work! It’s been a number of months since I’ve ridden a bicycle and rarely go along main roads.

Borrowed Fiona’s iPhone to help navigate back and it was an easy route. Will need to raise the saddle quite a lot but it’s a nice big frame, so should go high enough.