Moved In With Fiona! (28th August 2011)

All furniture shown as coloured rectangles in a top-down view of Fiona’s flat.

Dad drove the pickup truck down from Fleet, arriving at mine near 9am. We managed to pack everything in one go, moved it to Fiona’s and he took the rest back to Fleet. All went very smoothly! Below is the big planning list I made and alongside this entry is the furniture plan, which we did in Fireworks.


It started a month and a week before the move and went through many revisions. It was completed just the evening before the move!


The previous day I had packed all my stuff into suitcases, boxes and a big hessian bag. Taped the drawers shut. All the kitchen stuff from Zoe was taped into neat stacks and placed in the big green box it had come in. Most of it was already like that as I’d only used a few things.


PC monitor is seriously heavy. Dad carried it up the flights of stairs to Fiona’s flat and was wheezing a lot after putting it down! Not sure I’d have managed it; certainly would have needed a rest or two.

The bag of clothes was quite bulky as it also had a duvet in it.

“We Will Adapt”

We’ve since swapped the PC Desk and PC Tower around for these reasons:

An unexpected benefit to this arrangement is that one person, while lounging on the futon, can put their feet up on the computer chair.

Wireless peripherals are not responsive enough for GTA2 multiplayer, in my experience. Keyboards seem to be especially limited with pressing several keys at once, which is often needed in action games, too.

Items from Fleet to London

Parking in London

Ben’s flat [postcode removed]:
A space out the front or along a bit in single-yellow loading area.
Fiona’s flat [postcode removed]:
Round the corner in a residential dead end?
Down an opposite residential road?
Nearer is much better!

Items from Ben to Fiona

PC Desk:
PC Chair:
PC Tower:
55×25×45 + power cable.
PC Screen:
50×55×45 + power cable.
PC Mouse and Joystick:
15×20×15 + data cables.
Drawers (low):
PC 5.1 Surround Speakers and Sub Woofer:
40×20×20 + 50×10×10 + lots of cables!
Ethernet Cable:
Internet connection to PC.
DVD & CD Collection:
These will fit within Drawers (low).
Coat, Bag, Robe, PJs:
Day-to-day items which I’ll scatter around the flat. ;-)
Footwear, 3 Pairs:
30×15 each for 6 items.
Wardrobe of Clothes:
About a cubic metre of various things.
Have planned it to run out near Sunday. Freeer bag from Fleet for what remains.

Kitchen Stuff:

  1. frying pan
  2. 1x large plastic cutting boards
  3. Isle of Wight breakfast tray
  1. Microwave
  2. 2x steak knives
  3. pizza cutter
  4. stir fry spoon thing

Items from London to Fleet

Replaced Duvet:
Light shade:
Alarm Clock with Lamp:
25×20×5 + power lead.
Battery Charger:
25×15×10 + power lead.
Stereo Hi-Fi and 2 Speakers:
15×50×20 + 20×40×25 + power lead.
Epson A4 Printer:
45×50×25 + power lead.
Small TV:
45×35×35 + power lead.
Crockery and Cutlery Box:
Floor Fan:
Could be brought back as a plinth heater for kitchen in Winter.
All other kitchen stuff:
To be transported in big green box.