½ Anniversary with Fiona (23rd January 2011)

Arrived on Friday, which is half a year since our first date on 21st July 2010. I bought her a small bar of chocolate, with an even smaller bar of white chocolate. We watched some DVDs, played in the park, then a couple of her friends came round to arrange our big skiing trip for March 2011.


Went to a pub party for a friend of Fiona’s birthday. Nice gaggle of people. Had some food while we were there, which was nice.


Went out to the Landseers’ for a somewhat late lunch. Played draughts but had to use chess pieces. There seemed to be two sets of white pieces and only a partial set of black ones. It ended with a tie, although I thought I would lose at a few points.

We bought a very light plastic football and took it to a nearby park. The dedicated footballing areas were all filled with rather serious groups and teams of locals, so we ended up on ‘our’ frisbee field.

Somewhat inevitably, the ball ended up on the roof of some small buildings. After scouting around to find a way up, spotted where the ball was. Managed to clamber up, retrive it, then clamber down. Fiona helped guide my feet the fencepost I had jumped from.

I explained: “This is no longer just a football. It’s a trophy. That’s how men work.” Maybe that’s just me…


Fiona made me breakfast in bed, which I ate very carefully over the plate. We lazed around for a while, then I headed back to my flat (aka ‘the burrow’) to have lunch, do washing and so on.

Took the bus which proved hassle-free and fast enough. Stopped at Waitrose where I stocked up on a few favourites. After lunch, I resumed the coding for and testing of MultiSlayer Cops & Robbers mode. Tidied up some PC stuff.

While writing this, remembered I was going to call my parents. Everything is basically fine with them. I could do with a haircut and my hometown hairdresser is the only one I’ve ever been happy with. My mum’s birthday is on the 9th February, which is a Wednesday, so we’ll pick the weekend before or after to celebrate.