MultiSlayer City & Arenas (3rd April 2015)

Miami-style island, with city and arena maps for GTA 2 multiplayer. Lots of weapons, tanks and stunts.

Download MultiSlayer 6 (2.5MB)
Updated on 3rd April 2015.

Do not copy my files. Just link to this web page. I’m BenMillard in GTA 2 Game Hunter.

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Testers & Contributors (330 of them!)


June 2003

MultiSlayer project announced, initially for GTA1 but with a plan to convert it for GTA2.

Started using the GTA 1 map editor. Delfi, the Slovene programing guru, wrote a program to convert it from GTA 1 .cmp format to GTA 2 .gmp format.

Detailed the terrain, buildings and textures. A lot of play-testing using GTA 2 Game Hunter led to hundreds of adjustments, improving gameplay and atmosphere.

December 2005

MultiSlayer 4.6 Final was released on 27th December 2005.

June 2008

Returned to GTA 2 online. After playing Zooka Arena, I cut arenas from MultiSlayer.

July 2008

Ghetto and Ship were nearly complete. Took new screenshots and updated this page. Work continues on Football and Graveyard.

On the 22nd I began mergin the arenas back into the city. I package it all together in to create MultiSlayer 5 Beta. Refinements continue.

August 2008

Completely redrew city map. Fine-tuning gameplay, landscape and conveyor textures.

September 2008

Absent for much of the month. Race map began on 19th. Layout tweaks for Ship started on 29th.

October 2008

Race level and tweaks to Ship now part of MultiSlayer 5.

December 2008

Inactive due to HTMLWG research. Spent all night on 30th doing major remodelling of Ghetto.

Screenshots, maps and MultiSlayer City need updating. Should make posh maps like MultiSlayer 4.6 had.

March 2009

Made some turns easier to see in MultiSlayer Race. Re-routed near the end to use East Station. Bigger carpark at start.

Yoghurt gave detailed feedback about camping spots in Ghetto. Opened up the North-west corner.

April 2009

After playing Dafe’s Death Valley and my own Vedic Temple, I made MultiSlayer more hilly. Added lots of jumps and more detailing. Many more rooves can now be accessed by clever players.

Turned the construction site for a hotel into MultiSlayer Cage.

May 2009

Redrew a couple of inconsistent tiles. Added another jump. Tweaked rooftop obstacle courses. Barracks is now a military wharf crossed by a civilian bridge to Conner Gardens. McCranish Wharf becomes the new, massive Barracks.

June 2009

Finished signposting and shadowing Race. Little tweaks to the city.

July 2009

Added slayer.gif and race.gif images for the level preview feature in Game Hunter 1.5. Then I realised it should be called slayer-race.gif…oops.

July 2010

Preview images are in the package again, adds about 0.5MB.

August 2010

Enabled the National Guard wanted level since Vike’s GTA2 v11.40 has fixed the desync caused by ROAD_BLOCK_TANK_MAN.

January 2011

First released a Cops & Robbers test version. Produce one stable mission, delivering cop cars to cranes. Coded the Tank Kill Frenzy mission.

April 2011

Removed 2 old ms-slayer.* files.

September 2011

Tank kill frenzy code in the Cops & Robbers mode no longer shares a COUNTER with the death/arrest loop for the player. Suspected cause of a crash.

December 2011

Police players now use the blue Redneck character, so they get blue arrows when playing. Criminal player and gangs are now yellow, for higher contrast.

Cops & Robbers mode now gives messages to describe what’s happening.

Domination mode released for testing on Ship.

January 2012

Updated the choice of radio stations.

August 2012

If the criminal’s stolen cop car is destroyed before it reaches the crane, cops are now rewarded. (They would rather destroy one of their cars than let a damn criminal sell it.)

September 2012

All 6 parked Tanks now respawn in the Cops & Robbers game mode.

November 2012

Corrected start position for p5 and p6 in MultiSlayer Race.

Started MultiSlayer BUSTED! using a custom game mode found on YouTube by GTA4 multiplayers.

December 2012

Further updates to MultiSlayer BUSTED! and made that topic for it.

February 2012

BUSTED! now gives $1,000 per second to the criminal while they are being chased. Cops still get $100,000 per arrest or kill of the criminal.

A 100 second chase is therefore a tie. Longer chases are won by the criminal and shorter chases are won by the cops. An upward timer lets you see how long the criminal has been escaping.

Race now has an upward timer to help start races and measure your lap times.

April 2013

Grey Zaibatsu colour for player 6 replaced by Dark Blue Yakuza colour. Player 5 colour is now Blue Redneck. Grey was hard to see against roads and gravel.

Race gets new car lineups. Car colour changes to match the player who entered it, like TRON: Light Cycles. Player start positions moved next to Bug.

BUSTED! mode given new respawn code and delayed criminal reset to try and stop crashes. Police players turn their cars white instead of black, as it’s easier to see.

May 2013

Filled a series of holes in the floor near (92,99) in Race.