GTA 2 Modding (29th June 2008)

There’s a surprisingly active GTA 2 multiplayer scene alive and fragging! They use Game Hunter, a really handy program written by Sektor and whose interface I influenced.

I expected MultiSlayer 4.6 to be final. But a few days ago I started to appreciate “arena” type levels. These are usually quite small areas which fit snugly inside the GTA 2 editor’s default view. Some are flat and featureless whilst others provide some cover with small buildings or height changes.

After scouring MultiSlayer I found a few places which are like arenas:

So far I’ve cut out the Ghetto and Hospital, turned them into arenas and gameplay tested them with:

Eternity Meadows Graveyard

Tombs give cover from rockets and trees give cover from molotovs. Has a few narrow paths of civilians. Should play like a cross between Zooka Arena and Ghetto. Not sure about weapons and powerups. Respawn points will probably be on the tombs.

Port Pluto Ship

Knife fight in a phone box! Dodging between containers with probably just rocket launchers and molotovs. This will be the next arena I cut out and test. Players will spawn on the cabin roof, with respawns on the containers.

Schnellburg Warehouses

Rooves, civilians, alleyways and open areas. These areas pack a lot of variety into quite small spaces.

Princess Mall

Large shops and small planted areas would give cover amongst a labyrinth of alleyways. Also has some open areas. Having made the Ghetto level already, I think this one would be too similar.

Downtown Ghetto

Pure chaos! Civilians run all over the place, rapid fire machine guns fill the screen with bullets and swarms of molotov cocktails get thrown overhead. You need switch weapons and tactics as the chaos develops and evolves.

Downtown Hospital

Players use stairs and jump gaps to switch between roof levels. Molotovs let you attack players at a different level. There are no civilians so good dodging and rocket skills overcome this. There are two flame throwers which are deadly in a couple of tight areas.

Conner Gardens Houses

Might remodel this into a small park. Perhaps like the one in Sunview from the San Andreas level of GTA 1? Pond with a bridge, trees, a small path and rocket launchers. Spawnkilling could be a problem, though.