Status of CFG Studio 2 (30th March 2008)

25th of October 2007 was the last time I logged in to GTA Forums. Today I logged in to clarify the status of CFG Studio 2.

It is an editor for handling.cfg and similar files from GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. The UI is an Excel clone, broadly speaking. Other modding tools at the time seemed to think more textboxes mean better program. I wanted to build the antidote.

Well, other modding tools continued that trend or died. A very notable exception being Collision Editor 2 by Steve M. He was always a class act in GTA modding. This interface was a great improvement over the original version. It makes some mainstream desktop applications you can buy today look like a joke.

CFG Studio 2 remains popular among modders. One of the things I love about making stuff is how it outlasts its creator.