CFG Studio 2.0.380

XP Media Edition theming being inherited by the CFG Studio 2 interface.

CFG Studio 2 has good support for handling.cfg, *.ipl and *.ide in Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City and San Andreas. It has some support for other text data files used by these games. It also supports the nyc.gci car handling from GTA 2.

Download & Install

Download CFG Studio 2.0.380 (928kB WinRAR archive)
Updated on 2012-01-26.
Download Source Code for CFG Studio 2 (1MB WinRAR archive)
Updated on 2012-01-26. You don’t need this unless you do VB6 programming.
Download Sample Data (215kB WinRAR archive)
Updated on 2011-11-18. Shows all the supported formats. Some are better supported than others!

Release Notes


You can contact me or add a message to the CFG Studio Development Topic. Bugs, feature requests and reviews are welcome but I rarely work on this now.


The old CFG Studio was officially replaced by CFG Studio 2 on 14th June 2007.

I had big plans for CFG Studio 2. However, I left GTA modding in February 2007 and won’t be going back.