Friendship with Fliss Ended (13th December 2007)

Since Housesitting for Fliss and Sue, Fliss and I hadn’t met. We e-mailed a little bit and I tried organising a visit a couple of times. But she would take days to get back to me but her messages were chirpy.

But, eventually, she just stopped responding. We weren’t arguing or even disagreeing over anything. She never said our friendship was over. She just became really unresponsive.

So today I sent her a text ending our friendship. I clocked what type of person she was early on. The entries on my blog don’t tell that story. I just couldn’t bear to think a friend of mine was such a disaster of a human being.

There were redeeming moments. Wonderful, emotional and even ROFL moments. But that’s all they were; moments. Within seconds she’d be back to her self-obsessed, contrary and plain mean self.

She was my only friend of recent years. Now I’m back to the painfully empty state of being without friends or social life.