Find/Replace Panel for TextStudio (5th June 2007)

TextStudio currently uses one window for Edit > Find and another window for Edit > Replace. They share an Apply To window so you can run them on multiple files.

TextStudio’s current Find, Replace and Apply To windows.

Firefox’s Find Bar has impressed me ever since I first used it. It is compact without being cluttered. Being a toolbar rather than a window, it does not obscure parts of the viewport:

Firefox’s Find Bar.

So on 2007-06-01 I started making a Find/Replace Panel for TextStudio:

TextStudio’s new Find/Replace panel in development.

It aims to combine the best bits from both approaches. Differences from the Find Bar:

Find as you type (FAYT) would be nice once I’ve done the main functionality. The actual find and replace code will probably be all new because the current code is a mess. Always quite exciting when I give myself a challenging (for me) programming task.