Gaming with Fliss (11th June 2007)


Fliss called me about noon on Saturday 2007-06-09. She was really bored having spent all week at a course with loads of people and was now back home with nothing to do.

I arrived about 13:30 and went straight upstairs. Fliss had music playing so we relaxed and chatted at length about Fliss’s course, how work was stacking up for me and more general stuff.


Watched a bit of the MotoGP. Played outside with Scrappy for a while.

Had fish and chips. We arrived at the shop about 15:00 but they are closed between 14:00 and 16:30. We returned home to get a towel, then went back and chatted on the grassy hill opposite the shop. The time passed quickly.

I bought the food once they opened. The fish was huge and there were loads of chips, even though we shared the portion between us. Very greasy but very tasty!

When we got back we played computer games for a while. Started with Dead or Alive 2, accompanied by much cheering and cursing; then Juiced; then we switched to Baldur’s Gate. We played that for hours, with Fliss cooking lunch for us both while at a save point.

My first experience of playing an RPG. It was really fun playing through it cooperatively. It had enough depth to be immersing with enough action to be entertaining.


Both our birthdays are on June 27th. I’ve got two present ideas for Fliss. Should order them asap to make sure they’ll arrive in time. Will hopefully be visiting her again next week.