Back from Fliss’s (4th June 2007)

Texted Fliss on Thursday to see how she was. The bedsit she stays at had been raided by the police; luckily they weren’t interested in her room so it stayed intact. She’s now moving back to her mum’s.


I called her on Friday at 16:30 to see how she was. After chatting for quite a while, we arranged for me to go over there that evening and stay a day or two.

I arrived at about 19:30, put my stuff away and went upstairs. She was playing Final Fantasy XII. We had chicken pies for dinner and she played more Final Fantasy XII.


Woke up at 14:00. Had some breakfast and played tug with Scrappy and his rope. Watched some of the WTCC from Pau in France. Got dressed at 16:15; Fliss was playing more Final Fantasy XII.

We went to the park at about 19:45. We were on the swings and some young teenagers came up and started chatting with us. They had clearly been drinking but were tipsy rather than drunk, so it was actually quite funny. We left after a while and went back and Fliss cooked dinner: fish and vegetables.


Woke up about 13:30. Had breakfast while watching some MotoGP.

Started moving stuff from Fliss’s bedsit back to her mum’s house at about 16:00. It had been sunny all day and was really warm outside. We were sweating buckets but we were done by 18:00 having made a few trips. Bags of clothes are surprisingly heavy!

We went to the fish a chip shop at about 18:10 but it was closed. So we walked on to McDonald’s, each having a cheeseburger and large fries with Fliss also having a large banana milkshake. Worrying, it was actually quite tasty.

Before we knew it the time was 18:50. After walking most of the way back it was 19:03 so I ran the rest of the way to make sure my parents didn’t leave without me. Got there are 19:08 and they were still waiting for me. Found my cocktail sausages in the rear footwell; I had remembered to pack them but they fell out without me seeing.

Once Fliss got back we went in and I gathered by bags. Luckily I’d packed everything ready earlier that day so this didn’t take long. Was back home by about 19:30, showered, then ate the sausages with half a tin of baked beans and two slices of bread.


Something that always strikes me when I’m around Fliss is how different it feels than when I’m alone. I can’t quite describe’s like my senses are heightened and my mind is soothed.