Given Blood for the Second Time (2nd December 2006)

I’d been sent a lot of reminders saying their stocks of the O- blood type were running very low and they needed more urgently. Blood saves lives and type O- is especially useful. So yesterday I gave blood for the second time.

I got a keyring as this was my second time. You also get different cards saying how many times you’ve donated. Mine is the 1-4 donations one. These are just gimmicks but it’s kinda cool all the same.

I had hoped to visit Fliss this week and go with her, like last time, but we couldn’t get it organised in time. So I went with my mum instead. I recognised quite a few of the staff there from the last time. They are really nice people and we shared a few giggles. I hope to make this a regular thing; some people there had given blood 25 times!