Late June Visit to Fliss’s (1st July 2006)

Got back from visiting Fliss in the evening on 2006-06-30. I arrived there on 2006-06-28, the day after my birthday which is also Fliss’ birthday. She had a quiet but very memorable birthday with her mum.

Fliss bought me a bar of Galaxy chocoloate (yum!) and a perfect birthday card. The title on the front was “Internut” and the caption inside was I had meant to get her a card and present but with Calthorpe’s website entering an active phase and negotating with a possible new client, I ended up leaving it too late.

While we were in town on the Thursday she found a dress which was white with little black polkadots, in a very 1950’s style. When we got home I said that to make up for not brining a present (or even a card) for her, I could by that dress for her. This really cheered her up and the next day we went back to the shop. She tried on the dress, loved it and I bought it for her. It only cost £17 and she looks great in it. :-)