Related Modifications

SSR Radar by Cerbera (4th May 2004)

SSR Radar

This replaces some of the existing radar textures with custom ones, creating routes for you to race around by changing the colours of some roads. I made these for my "Serious Street Racing" clan for MTAVC but I decided that everyone should be allowed to have them becasue the routes are so much fun!

The plain radar image was originally created by Steve-m.The coloured routes were added by me and the radar textures were assembled by me using ViceTXD. Full installation instructions are included.

Tyre Smoke Mod by Sk8er (18th July 2003)

Tyre smoke

How could you possibly resist this? Finally you will be able to actually feel like you are giving the tyres hell when you see plumes of this new, thicker tyre smoke pouring off the rubber!