Unreal Tournament Conversions (3rd April 2015)

Classic levels loosely based on the 2001 Game of the Year Edition. Includes:

Download Unreal Tournament Conversions (300kB)
Updated on 3rd April 2015.

Do not copy my files. Just link to this web page. I’m BenMillard in GTA 2 Game Hunter or you can use the GTAMP Forum topic.


Mazon Assault

Inspired by the fantastic Mazon Fortress from Unreal Tournament. Blue team is the host (with players 4 and 6) and they attack the base. Other players form the orange team and they defend the base.

Make sure you use 1000000 Points Game and up to 12 minutes Time Limit. The time taken is shown by a clock I added to the HUD.

Fractal Deathmatch

Rocket arena with raised respawn points. Shotgun with Double Damage is a lot like the Flak Cannon!

Niven Capture the Flag

Compact and varied, the twisting corridors and variety of heavy weapons makes this an extremely tactical game.

I’m currently writing the code to create a Capture the Flag mode. For now it’s fun in a Frag Game. With honest players, you can pretend to be carrying the flags.

Testers & Contributors


September 2012

Started building it after watching YouTube videos of the level. Tested with other players after just 1 day. Was soon balanced for 1 against 1. After a week it was balanced (and hugely enjoyable!) for 2 against 2 games.

October 2012

Slightly opened up the gatehouse area and it now balances for any number of players!

November 2012

The layout of Niven works great in GTA2 and my Capture the Flag code works reliably.

February 2013

Stopped flickering in the upward timer.

5 player games now have 3 attackers and 2 defenders to avoid stalemate.

First test version of Coret Capture was built in a few hours overnight, using stuff from Niven.

March 2013

East side of Coret now uses blue floor. Fixed upward timer.

Fixed invulnerability after respawn in Coret and Niven. 90 frames protects for 1 second because the respawn sequence takes ~2 seconds.

Retextured Fractal Frags to make players more visible. Was hard to see them against stripey metal and gravel with paved edges.

Mazon is slightly smaller so attackers can get back to the action faster. Gatehouse rebuilt and a tower added to reduce (but not remove) long-range spamming by defenders.

April 2013

Phobos Frags started as I’ve waited too long for a good oil rig level type! It’s actually an orbiting space station in UT99. Gameplay on Phobos proves awesome after just a few, big test games!

Coret Capture now a bit flatter near Rocket Launchers and more compact near Shotgun. Base-to-base speedrun on low routes only is 25 seconds, high routes only is 30 seconds.