Jailbreak & Shotgun Showdown (3rd April 2015)

Escape across the border from a maximum-security prison in an American desert. Escaping the inner prison block is playable for testing and you can explore far outside.

Download Jailbreak & Shotgun Showdown (190kB)
Updated on 3rd April 2015.

Do not copy my files. Just link to this web page. I’m BenMillard in GTA 2 Game Hunter. Check my blog for plans and ideas for Jailbreak. Send any ideas and support to the Jailbreak forum topic.


Testers & Contributors


May 2010

Proposed the Jailbreak idea to Pyro on GTAMP Forums on 29th.

June 2010

Thought about it, wrote brainstorms and did a sequence pencil sketches during Le Mans 24 Hours. Created the forum topic for Jailbreak on 13th. Created a development folder and jail.gmp the same day, renaming it jailbreak.gmp a couple of days later.

Pyro helped with scripting, playtesting, review, bug hunting, ideas and writing progress in the topic. Made files available on this page and linked to from the forum topic.

July 2010

Outer areas start to take shape. Pyro develops first chapter script which we test and refine iteratively.

Freeway route, reservoir, dam cable-stayed bridge and diner area. Elvis stage complete. Pyro starts hydroelectric power station.

August 2010

Pyro’s first version of Diner. North-West station matures, Redneck road starts going West. Hydro refined.

Level 6 wanted level enabled soon after Vike fixed the way tank roadblocks work in GTA2 multiplayer.

September 2010

Planning meeting with Pyro. Detail work for all areas, Army Armoury in particular. Insane Stunt Bonus areas refined and a couple more added. Route of main river drafted. More screenshots. Aerial photo included as preview image.

Pyro set up railway route. I made hundreds of terrain changes and merged the versions.

April 2011

Small bugfixes to solidity in Hydro area. Army are now enabled.

January 2012

Now uses a single .mmp file for 1 to 6 players.

April 2012

Started making Shotgun Showdown, inspired by Box Match by AssainGuy and Redneck Arena by Elypter (and someone prior). Western by Kamil was the first to try out this theme, as far as I know.

February 2013

Lowered the central water tank in Showdown arena.

July 2013

Started making and play-testing Jailbreak: Army Base.

August 2013

More objectives, scenery and testing.

September 2013

Tank battle objective started. Lighting and more traffic lights added to freeway. Lots more scenery.