Reference for GTA 1 Coding

There already exists a comprehensive site for coding using the mission.ini file in Grand Theft Auto. The site is at Missions.Gouranga and was created between Simon “Azz” Marshal and Nick “Stilton” Jones. It includes a couple of specific tutorials I wrote. These are available from the GTA 1 tutorials on this site as well, though.


I have been doing mission.ini coding since late 1998 and have created several reference documents in this time. They include exhaustive lists of valid parameters and their effect, details about coding techniques and there are some samples. These documents were written for my own use and are not easy to follow.

Description Size (kB)
reference.rar All the below in one package. 31.1
block.rar Manipulating map block data. 1.0
car.rar Lists all vehicle indentifiers and some relevant commands. 3.0
misc.rar Two sets of uncommented code examples. 5.7
mtd.rar The official Mission Template Description in plain text. 17.5
object.rar Using dynamic objects, such as potted trees and bollards. 1.9
ped.rar Ped remaps, AI types and relevant commands. 1.7
powerup.rar Complete list of all valid powerups. 0.5