City in Crisis for GTA 1

City in Crisis

The map has a rather simplistic road system but the buildings are detailed, the missions are fun and there are few/no bugs.

The level features:

I decided to combine two of my levels into a "Director’s Cut" of sorts by setting the first chapter to a mission experiment I created very early on, whilst I was learning to write missions. It is an immensely playable bonus level, mainly because my smart mission coding means the enemy ground teams will always be in a random position in the facility you assault.

The second chapter is based on you answering phones by the city park, from which you are given jobs. These include massacaring drugs scientists, thwarting an ATF raid, retrieving stolen drugs from a Yakuza stronghold and even working as a special agent.


Begun on 27th June 1999, completed on 23rd July 2003.