Condor Brake Shoes Replaced (17th February 2017)

A standard Condor brake shoe is all one piece. The pad is part of the shoe. This means we couldn’t use the grippier Salom Kool Stop version, which we hoped might be grippier.

Secteur’s brake shoes use a cartridge for the brake pad, meaning it can use softer rubber. It also means I can just replace the pad when they wear out, not the whole shoe. It fitted in Condor’s caliper so I bought a pair of Shimano brake shoes with cartridge pads for Condor.

When they arrived I swapped the pads salmon pads into them. Used the leftover Shimano pads in the front of Secteur as they needed replacing. Fitted the new shoes with kool stop pads into Condor and it all went without a hitch.

We’ll need to do a couple of short test rides to make sure everything is working properly before our next Penge CC Sunday ride. This technical change should make it easier for Fiona to get decent braking force without tiring out her hands.