What Comes Next is the Future Web History Interviews (26th January 2017)

From about 30 minutes on it feels so re-assuring to hear the now unpopular (or merely unknown) principles of the web being refreshed and placed in proper historical context. The web is flexible and control is intended to be in the hands of the user and the user agent. Responsive design is easy to forget when people use photo editing software to decide how a website should look.

From about 40 minutes they compare and contrast app stores with responsive websites.

50 minutes describes the standards process. If anyone feels disconnected with the individuals who are designing the next generation of web standards, just join their mailing list! They ask you to join in. If you don’t join in, it’s because you were too lazy to join a mailing list. (Or your employer was too narrow-minded to pay you a couple of hours a week to participate.)

Watching it on the TV while doing work on my laptop was an ideal way to watch this. It’s nearly all sit-down interviews so it would work pretty well as a podcast.

What Comes Next is the Future (2016) is on Vimeo and I found it via Thoughts from Eric Meyer.