Protesting Trump’s Travel Ban (30th January 2017)

Cycled to the Eastern end of Downing Street after buying some waterproof cycling gloves. On my way there was a chanting group marching from Charing Cross towards Trafalgar Square and presumably on to the protest at Downing Street.

There was a somewhat sparse turn-out when I arrived. Started thinking about finding a place to park. Within a couple of minutes the crowds had filled the pavement and just a lane of the broad road was free for traffic. It soon ground to halt so I found myself in the very heart of the demonstration for the best part of an hour and a half!

Fiona stopped off at Westminister tube but there was no way I could progress down the road to meet her.

An inspiring experience. When I got home I asked if that sounded corny and it didn’t – we both felt uplifted at the tangible opposition to the facist corruption of America which Trump has immediately undertaken.