18th Scalextric Club (27th November 2012)

Classic and Can-Am cars roared around the 6-lane track at the London Scalextric Club this evening.

We had 3 minutes per race as we were only using 5 of the 6 lanes.

I borrowed a short Gulf Can-Am from Steve the chairman.

Blue Lane

Quite closed to 2nd place!

Fastest Lap 9.82s
Laps: 17.90
Position: 3rd
Crashes Not sure.

Yellow Lane

Car ahead of me had 3 crashes but I just wasn’t fast enough to take advantage.

Fastest Lap 9.35s
Laps: 18.30
Position: 4th
Crashes 1

Green Lane

Fastest Lap Not sure.
Laps: Not sure.
Position: 3rd
Crashes Not sure.

Brown Lane

Span out twice before the bridge. Caught out by the short wheelbase.

Fastest Lap Not sure.
Laps: 17.55
Position: 4th
Crashes 2

White Lane

Fastest Lap 9.26s
Laps: 17.00
Position: 3rd
Crashes Not sure.


We had the mid-way break and the committee worked out the running order and lane choices for the club’s mini tournament format, which they call ‘Finals’.

It’s a knockout competition where only 1st and 2nd go through to the next round.

I didn’t record my performance data as the format moves between races very quickly.

Managed to reach the 2nd but just off the pace. Kept slipping off the controller as it was so cold! That secured me last place.