17th Scalextric Club (20th November 2012)

Grand Touring cars grace the track at the London Scalextric Club tonight. Races started late, it was nearly 9:30pm! We are only using 4 lanes to ensure full marshalling. Each race is 4 minutes long so plenty of action still to be had.

Bought a Fly Slot BMW 3 Series GTR from Steve for £20 this evening. Has a fancy guide, floating motor mount but standard tyres.

Bought a set of Oortman racing tyres for £3.25 – they make a world of difference! Everyone at the club uses these.

Unfortunately we found the gears were meshing badly. The trail of fine metal filings inside and out of the chassis, just near the crownwheel cutout, is a tell-tale sign of unhappy cogs.

So for this evening I borrowed a white Porsche 911.

White Lane

Fastest Lap 9.68s
Laps: 22.25
Position: Not sure.
Crashes 4