16th Scalextric Club (13th November 2012)

Wheel-to-wheel action at the London Scalextric Club tonight as Touring Cars take to the track.

Brown Lane

Fastest Lap 9.88s
Laps: 14.35
Position: 2nd
Crashes Not sure.

White Lane

Fastest Lap 9.77s
Laps: 14.35
Position: 1st!
Crashes 0?

Red Lane

Fastest Lap 9.83s
Laps: 14.45
Position: 4th
Crashes Not sure.

Half Time Break

Delicious carrot cake!

Yellow Lane

A longer distance than my race on white lane but came dead last! Everyone got faster!

Fastest Lap 9.85s
Laps: 14.50
Position: 6th
Crashes Not sure.

Blue Lane

Finished just ahead of Steve, club chairman.

Fastest Lap Not sure.
Laps: 15.30
Position: 3rd
Crashes Not sure.