Responsive Website Round-Up (25th October 2012)

I follow the feed from the website; it mostly covers American and European stuff.

Some recent favourites below. Change browser size or use a phone/tablet to see how they adapt.


Just in time for global launch of Windows 8 but only the homepage is responsive.

Follows the “Metro” or Swiss Design feel from Windows Phone 7. Deeper pages such as the News Centre use a different layout but same feel.

Homeland Security & Government Affairs

Even the most responsive sites usually stop expanding at about 1280 pixels wide…this one keeps going to 1600 pixels.

Entire stories are cycled in the homepage carousel – everyone skim-reads so it makes sense!

Responsive Process by Yellow Pencil

Made by an agency to summarise how they operate in a completely open way.

The process itself looks very sensible, for moderate to large scale projects.

United Utilities

American version of Business Stream…with more drop shadows?

Deep navigation is interesting and here be illustrations.

Wentworth Mansion

People with mansions can afford cracking websites.


Not sure what it’s about but looks funky. Fades imagery into solid colours so it can continue the shapes horizontally forever.

Regent College

Angular education site.

Modo Design Group

Agency site with illustrative avatars. Long scrolling page with lots and lots and lots of space.

Includes an information application project.


Agency site with simple proposition and short copy!