Red Dwarf 10 is Funny! (6th October 2012)

Missed the launch of this new series during the week. Missed the re-run this Saturday evening on Dave while at family home as well.

After a normal sign-up process I watched Red Dwarf on the Dave website. (Nice, hackable URLs on their new website…but no navigation links go to the series overview?)

Good & Getting Better! (25th October 2012)

Episode 3 of this 10th series had me laughing out loud again. A lot going on in the episode. So many sub-plots and interesting sci-fi concepts entwined around the reluctant friendship of the 4 crew.

From almost plausible theoretical phenomena to bizarre remnants of failed experiments, there’s enough geekery to fulfill the ‘sci’ part of ‘sci-fi’.

The sets look great, even though Dave HD isn’t available on FreeView.

Never a dull moment and thoroughly entertaining.