10th London Scalextric Club (4th September 2012)

NASCAR this evening, perhaps my favourite class! I was leading a race and then crashed. In a later race I was 2nd but crashed again, luckily worked my way back up to 3rd before the end of the race.

Glad I packed my trousers – had ridden there in shorts but the temperature dropped a lot during the evening. Rode home at nearly midnight!

A Bit about the Club

It’s located at N21 2RS, so pretty far North. There’’s a little town centre nearby.

They have a straightforward website: London Scalextric Club.

They race every Tuesday night. Track starts being put together at about 7:15pm and I’m usually there near 7:30pm. Races start at about 9pm and run into the night, the before that is free practice.

Steve a lean, bespectacled racing machine. He’s also the chairman and can lend cars, controllers and 4 decades of slotting wisdom. Rino is a stocky chap with black hair. He’s the club secretary and he generally looks after the club. (This includes bringing in delicious cakes made by his sister!)

Those two and me tend to be the only ones who arrive before 8pm. So get there early and have lots of free practice with us.

NASCAR, Touring Cars and Rallycross are heaps of fun for newcomers. The cars are less extreme and therefore more predictable in these classes.