Front Wall Broken (7th September 2012)

When I got back from work a bit after 6pm I lifted my bicycle over the wall, as usual. Then I noticed a couple of bricks on the top had separated.

Then I noticed a metre long section of the wall had been completely snapped off and was now leaning back into the garden! Further inspection shows all the brick shelters for our rubbish bags have been ‘parallelogrammed’, as my dad puts it.

My best guess is a reversing truck hit them and either didn’t realise or wasn’t honest enough to report the mistake. Must’ve pushed quite hard and for quite a distance. Maybe it thought it was bouncing against the kerb when an overhang was actually knocking over our wall?

There’s a narrow width restriction traffic island just past our property with a small road opposite. The restriction isn’t signed on any approach road so we get a few vans and trucks come down here every day. All have to make a pretty sketchy set of manoevres to get turned around and head back to the junction.

(There are at least 5 horn blows a day at that junction due to its claustrophobic layout and thoughtless road markings. That’s another story, though.)