Web Developer Toolbar 1.2 (4th August 2012)

Since 25th June 2012 you could manually install Web Developer Toolbar 1.2 Mozilla require several changes before 1.2 can become official. That’s why you haven’t been update automatically. It’s working fine for me in Firefox 14.0.1 in Windows 7 (64 bit).

I uninstalled the current official version by using the Remove button from Tools > Add-ons, before installing the new version. Somehow, the new version found all my custom Resize dimensions. Phew!

Only thing I had to re-do (so far) was right-click it, then click Customise. From the Customise window I dragged and dropped the HTML Validator Extension result back into the new version of the toolbar, the way I like it.

An optional thing I did was to make Tools > Validate CSS use Level 3. Also used Options, Keyboard to remove its default keyboard shortcuts.