Olympic Torch Near Alexandra Palace (25th July 2012)

Took some photos and shot this video with my Nokia Lumia 800. Uploaded from the phone to Skydrive and downloaded it from there. The video is MPEG-4 so I’m not putting that in my pages.

You can view the video here if your browser supports HTML5 <video> to deliver MPEG-4 directly:

Technical Issues

If your browser doesn’t support that, you can download the video (MPEG-4, 12.7MB) and play it using some other program.

Sadly the SkyDrive system doesn’t provide a plugin-free method to embed the video. The Embed link then has a link to Generate HTML. “Great,” I thought, “that will save me a lot of hassle.” Alas, it inexplicably requires Silverlight in order to play! So that’s was a non-starter.

IE9 displays the poster frame with really really washed-out colours. What a weird bug. The image is fine when viewed directly (JPEG, 33kB).