House-Sitting for Mum & Dad (30th July 2012)

While they were up North on a business trip, I returned to Fleet and looked after the house. Went for a ride and took some pictures:

This scenery was a much-needed antidote to the stress I’d caused myself! Letting myself relax and take a casual approach to things meant I broke a mirror, nearly forget to pay for my 15th professional haircut and probably left the new screen protector Fiona gave me for my phone.

It also took me hours to adjust the brakes on my mountain bicycle and road bicycle. They do work much better as a result. The absence of ear-splitting screeches from my racer is one useful thing I got right, at least!

All the animals were well tended for and I started to enjoy the fish, which I never expected to.

There were some motorsport series I’d recorded on the Virgin Media box. Being able to disengage brain whilst watching those was another welcome relief.