2nd Anniversary with Fiona (21st July 2012)

Fiona found a stylish upstairs restaurant in Camden and she’d bought a voucher which gave us a great deal. We got lots of extras while we were there so the bill was still noticable. Wouldn’t want to pay their full prices! The food was yummy and interesting with helpful staff and a friendly atmosphere.

We raced each other back and I won by just a couple of minutes. Had to stop sharply at a couple of lights which changed as I approached. 10 seconds earlier and I would have been through comfortably, easily gaining another minute or two overall.

The next day we sat in Finsbury Park watching an amateur dog training class. They had a course with several obstacles:

We also played a bit of frisbee but the wind started getting up. It took a long time to find a spot big, flat and dry enough to play. Was very busy in there compared to how it’s been for most of this year.