Hired a BMW 520d (4th May 2012)

Having sold my Nissan Almera 1.6 SVE last year, travelling to holiday destinations is a bit of a mission.

By hiring a posh car for under £300, I could see if they are actually much different while providing a lot more freedom and flexibility for the journeys to, during and from our holiday in Hereford.

Choice of Vehicle



Fuel Economy

58 litres is all it took for the diesel fuel pump to stop. I wedged 2 more into the tank, making it a nice, round 60.00 litres. Quite pleased to get it exact; that almost never happens. That’s all it needed for the entire round trip!

SixT sent a letter to us summarising the car hire, all the charges and included the distance. We travelled 549 miles in total.

Google’s search box can act as a fairly natural calculator, if you give it the right magic words: 60 litres / 550 miles in mpg = 34.7 miles per gallon.

Bearing in mind:

Pretty good going!