Inflated Bicycle Tyres (20th May 2012)

Working together, Fiona and I managed to pump her upright 3-speeder’s tyres to their recommended 55psi.

My 10-speed racer has Schrader valves which are super fiddly to undo and then do up again. This time I wound the adapter down as far as it would go and the pump stayed on really well. Managed to get the pressure up to around 75psi. Their maximum is 85psi.

The ride is now quite jarring if I don’t spot a bump to rise in advance. But it rolls so smoothly! The tyres really make a big performance difference.

Thinking about getting properly hard dry-weather tyres for the Summer. It’s a lot of money for something that would take a lot of time swapping back and forth if we get prolonged wet weeks, as we have through April and May.