Primrose Hill, then Wagamama (26th March 2012)

Hadn’t been to this steep little hill with a nice view before. We with Fiona after work and went to Wagamama afterwards. The Chicken Itame at Wagamama is always a favourite choice for me.

Finished a bit early from work, in fact. By the time I rode back to the flat (just before rush-hour) I realised it was a gloriously sunny afternoon. Fiona was getting ready to leave her workplace so we arranged to meet in Primrose Hill.

Cycling there was a pretty simple route. There’s a natural left-right chicane, then another left-right combination to ride around the North-East corner of Regent’s Park. It leads to a conspicuous gap in the hedge of the South-East corner of Primrose Hill Park, where various paths converge. That’s where I waited for Fiona.

After reaching the top we spotted some empty fields to the West, so went there and kicked the ball around for a while. Started getting really chilly as the Sun set behind the tower blocks. We had a smartphone race to find the nearest Wagamama; Fiona with her Apple iPhone 3GS completely trounced me with my Nokia N900.

We rode to the restaurant and locked the bicycles to a lamppost outside. Were seated quickly and ordered some green tea, as well as a glass of Plum Wine each!

Started with Edamame beans and Duck Gyoza, followed by my choice of Salmon Teriyaki Soba for Fiona and the aforementioned Chicken Itame for myself.


Very filling. Took our time leaving and then rode home with our lights on.