Sharp GX15 to Nokia N900 (17th March 2012)

Now that I’m using my dad’s old Nokia N900, I carried out the final backup and clear-out of my old GX15 onto the old PC. This means, finally, I have entered the smartphone era.

Moving contacts across was quite fiddly. Eventually found I could send them as individual .vcf files via BlueTooth between the two devices. Then used an Import Contacts Folder command on the N900, which processed all the files into the central Contacts database.

Aside from that, I just added a £5 web pack to my existing package and moved the pay-as-you-go Vodafone SIM across. Tried a few web browsers on the N900 but the Gecko-based MicroB is really unbeatable on it.

Google Maps Without An App

I use the full Google Maps website on Nokia N90, for lack of an app. It’s slow and fiddly, since you have to use a gesture to activate the Hover Mode to drag the map around. So I tend to plan routes on my Laptop, save them to My Places and then open them on my phone. Both devices are signed into my Gmail account to share stuff in this way.