Haircut 13, Family Meals & Steam Rally (9th October 2011)

The complete list of all entries for my blog is missing a few haircut events, so I’m estimating this is the 13th. Spent the latter half of Saturday and most of Sunday in Fleet with the family. Dad and I watch the F1 from Suzuka, then went to a steam rally on Sunday.

Haircut 13

Realised I was going to be half an hour late, so called Dad. He told me Mum had already rescheduled it for 5pm. We arrived near 4:30pm.

Family Meals

Our tradition of take-away kebabs was observed on Saturday evening. We got take-away pizzaon Sunday. (It later seemed that one of these didn’t quite agree with me, which is very unusual.)

Steam Rally

It was the end-of-season steam-up at Derick Marder’s yard, near Andover. Upon arrival I started recalling distant memories of being there before, when it was very hot. (Probably an Easter at least 10 years ago.)

There were about 5 big steam rollers and 1 steam lorry. A small armada of ride-on steam models spluttered and hissed through the event, too!

E-mail Itinerary

All times are approximate!

Stuff from London to Fleet

During Visit, Saturday

  1. 1pm depart from London
  2. 4pm haircut
  3. Afternoon cycle along towpath to help build our appetites?
  4. Anti-squeak training for old brakes?
  5. ~6pm family dinner
  6. Doctor Who or other sit-down entertainment?

During Visit, Sunday

  1. 6am F1 from Suzuka (or record and watch later)
  2. 10am steam event
  3. ~1pm family lunch
  4. ~4pm depart for London
  5. ~6pm arrive in London

Stuff from Fleet to London

  1. 1× Cycling bottle
  2. 1× Cycling helment
  3. 2× Base layer, trousers
  4. #× Tomatos and ½ Cucumber