Bought a 24″ Computer Monitor! (13th September 2011)

For the princely some of £312 with delivery, a Dell U2410 will be on it’s way to me and should arrive this week. This concludes weeks of research and auction lurking. The seller is a web and iPhone developer. Delivery is ~2 working days so I should it this week!

The picture shows an Excel chart made from the bidding history of various screens I was interested in. Table 2 Clipboard for Firefox helped get the data out of the pages. It’s what Firefox should do by default when you Ctrl+Drag to select table cells and then Ctrl+C to copy them.

We can connect Fiona’s Freeview+HDD+DVD box this using component cables, plus my Playstation 2 using Composite, plus my PC using VGA. All at the same time.

It’s got aspect ratio control and different colour profiles for the different flavours of video signal. As well as being a very accomplished multi-purpose PC screen.

Resolution is 1920×1200. This LG is 1600×1200 and your Viewsonic is 1280×1024, to put it in perspective. The larger size means each pixel is about the size of the Viewsonic ones, so a bit more comfortable than the tiny pixels in the LG Flatron 915FT Plus. That’s one of the best CRT screens made, way back in 2001. It’s still going strong so will be put to pasture somewhere safe.

My current graphics card is considered ancient these days. It’s an ATi Radeon 9200 and only has one VGA port, so can’t do a dual screen setup. It’s still great for GTA2 and Top Gun: Fire at Will.